Druid: The Database Manager
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Hall of Fame



Here is the people that helped to build Druid. In strictly alphabetical order:

Name Work
Andrea Carboni Project Started and Project Leader
Mirko Caserta Basic tutorial
Nicolae P Costescu Features
David Croy Patch for PostgreSQL and MySql
Guillaume Deflache 1.0 to 2.5 converter
Paul Evans Help with docs
Antonio Gallardo Modules localization
Misko Hevery Generation modules, bug fixing
David Hoag Query import module
Jim Meyer Packaging
Randolf C. Richardson Features
Nuno Rodrigues Features, beta testing
Hristo Stoyanov Xml features
Emanuele Tajariol Bug report, features
Bruno Vernay Docbook and XHTML improvement for docs gen. module
Tomasz Wysocki Patch to Java/JDO
Marco Allegretti MySql template
Paul Boos E/R features
Italo Osorio Screenshots and flash presentations
Mark D. Anderson Features
Klaus Bertram Features
Kymmx Patch to E/R image generation
Antonio Petrelli JDBC import module using Cayenne
Helmut Reichhold Several patches
Marc Schuepbach Fix to Java/OJB modules
Doug Redd Fix to Oracle sql gen module
Gian Luigi Gragnani Fix to Docbook template
Josè Moreira Features, improvements to Velocity module
Alessandro Morelli Features
Mario Marini Bug report, SqlServer's adapter
Damien Boucquey Features, Patch to Hibernate module
Marton Tamas Patch to Castor module
Vincenzo Romano Features, help with docs
Rob Decker Several patches
vsellier List of 'where' criteria in jdbc table editor

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